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8-9 Years

Kids Science

Science it’s like Magic but it is Real
From all form of science, your child will discover some incredible secrets, awesome theories and fun facts!

8-9 Years


Make each day your Masterpiece!Let your child be Inspired by the great people from various fields including Art, Science, Industry, Social welfare and others who made great contributions to the world

6-9 Years


What makes the planet Earth so special? Let your child learn about atmosphere, fiery volcanoes, tall mountains, scorching deserts and icy landscapes and more

7-9 Years

Daily Life

Calendar, Time , Friends, Family, Money, Food and much more! Children during their early years encounter many and different concepts how they deal with those are entirely different based on what they know about them

7-9 Years

Countries and Cultures

No passports! No Tickets! We take your child to a world tour through major countries from 6 different continents and they will learn wide range of peculiar insights in every session

6-9 Years

Junior Explorer

Great start for younger children!They get excited as answers for their mind buzzing questions are being discovered in every session...
your child's excitement to learn more is elevated!

7-9 Years


Space is not just for Astronauts!
Our Astronomy for kids curriculum expands to the extent that your child will learn more about outer space focusing on celestial bodies such as stars, comets, planets, galaxies etc.,

6-9 Years

Human Body

More than Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes!Your child will learn about Human anatomy, Organs, different bodily systems and much more.Let your child explore the Human body inside out!