11 Years Excellence in child development

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Blissfully Happy Child

Unlock Your Child's Potential and Foster a Happy & Smart Child

Exceptional and unique early learning opportunity that lays the foundation for your child’s lifelong success

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100% Joyful Early Years Experience

Unique Early Enrichment Center That Works Along With Parents

Guides Through The Entire Early Child Development Journey

Primarily Focuses on Nurturing a Child's Innate Potentials

Ensures Happiness During Early Formative Years

Protects the Natural Intend for Joyful Learning

Safe and Stimulating Environment for Curious Young Minds

Little Indigo the Perfect Choice for Parents

Confused to do it right?

Many young parents struggle with knowing how to best support their child's crucial early years, leading to uncertainty and anxiety.

Rest Assured

We provide personalized support for children, addressing any delays or challenges to help them flourish. Our program ensures that your child receives the best possible start in life.

Programs Offered For 0-6 Years

Our innovative programs address various early child developmental needs of 0 to 6 years age group. We believe in fostering a strong partnership between parents and trainers, offering interactive parent-child sessions, parenting workshops, and support groups. Join our community and give your child the best possible start in life!







Key Information on our program structure


1-2 Hour Per Program/Week

1-2 trainer - child ratio

in parents presence

development assessments

convenient schedule

love, care and individual attention

Various studies have proved that Healthy Brain Architecture depends on a sturdy foundation built by appropriate input from a child’s senses and stable, responsive relationships with caring adults

Because responsive relationships are both expected and essential, their absence is a serious threat to a child’s development and well-being.

We believe building the capabilities of parents or adult caregivers can help strengthen the environment of relationships essential to children’s lifelong learning, health, and behavior. For this reason we encourage the presence of Parent or Adult caregiver in our sessions.

Empower your parenting journey with our association

We Achieve Four Dimensional Developmental Success

At Little Indigo, we are committed to achieving Four Dimensional Developmental Success for every child in our love and care. Through a Holistic Development Approach, we focus on nurturing various development and help the children thrive and reach their full potential

Cognitive Foundation

We lay a strong cognitive foundation for children through engaging age appropriate activities that stimulate different cognitive abilities including critical thinking and creativity

Emotional Regulation

We prioritize emotional regulation, helping children identify and manage their emotions with confidence and resilience and overcome emotional challenges in early years

Motor Abilities

We develop fine and gross motor skills through play-based and kids gym activities, fostering coordination and physical well-being as per need of child's physical milestone.


We cultivate essential social skills such as effective communication and teamwork, preparing children for success in relationships, friendships, and various social settings.

Building Master Minds Should Start from 0 Years, Why wait until Preschool Years?

We’ve got you covered

At Little Indigo, we share a passion for children and a deep commitment to early development and learning. With our extensive experience and a strong research foundation, we specialized in meeting the unique needs of young children and lovely parents

Our Co-Founder Mrs. Subhashini's message for new generation parents

At Your Child's Service Our Executive Operation Team

Meet Our Dynamic, Experienced And Well Qualified Trainers Team

Joining us means joining a team of passionate development experts

What Do Parents Say?

A survey of thousands of Little Indigo parents yields compelling evidence of the significant positive impact on various domains, reflected in their children's performances

Domains and Agreed % of Parents
Concentration 100%
Memory Skills 100%
Learning, Picking New Concepts 100%
Creativity and Imagination 100%
Language, Communication Skills 97%
Social and Emotional Wellbeing 95%

Hear from Little Indigo Parents

Tejasmruthi and Druthi’s mom – Mrs. Anitha Raj
Tejasmruthi and Druthi’s mom – Mrs. Anitha Raj
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It is a kid’s friendly world. Both my kids enjoy going to Little Indigo. All their programs are wonderfully designed. The way they take care of each and every kid is mind blowing. I am very proud to be an Little Indigo parent
Mrs. Aruna Santhanam
Mrs. Aruna Santhanam
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Little Indigo for us is definitely nothing less than extraordinary. The way they mold the kids’ during their early age is just amazing. Personally we have witnessed the transformation in Rithu & Sash – their memory power, conceptual thinking, Problem solving ability are a snippets of what they have inculcated from Little Indigo. More than the concept their approach and focus on each kid is something that excites the parents
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Little Indigo is the best place for kids. Very friendly, selfless and cooperative trainers who do a commendable service in teaching the kids , moulding them and bringing out their potentials. Commendable service done by the trainers needs a huge appreciation...
Mrs. Sakthi Sujeeth
Mrs. Sakthi Sujeeth
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Kreyaa has been with Little Indigo since 2 months of age and we are truly happy with her progress and the rate of learning. Little Indigo is loving caring and patient in providing the children with self-confidence and instilling in them a strong love for learning. THANK YOU Little Indigo FOR THIS BRILLIANCE IN KREYAA
Riaan Rakesh’s mom – Mrs. Mary
Riaan Rakesh’s mom – Mrs. Mary
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I must say Little Indigo has made a big difference in my child’s life. My child has been coming to Little Indigo since he was 1.5 yrs old. Since then it has played a major role in his brain development, communication skills and motor skills. Little Indigo helps the kids grasp things, develop language and motor skills, understands things quickly. There is no better place than Little Indigo
Santhosh kumari
Santhosh kumari
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Little Indigo is the BEST place for early education. I enrolled my child when she was 15 months old for early enrichment program and baby gym program. Both the programs are excellent and the way it is designed is age appropriate and according to child's needs . This is first ever center which works on a child ,one on one basis which is really important to bring about holistic development in a child . I could see difference in my child in few days itself...
Chandhini Aravinthan
Chandhini Aravinthan
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We have been coming for a few months now and only came because a few of our friends had great things to say about the place and their child’s improvement after coming here. The trainers and staff are extremely friendly and know how to handle the child . My kid has been engaging with all the activities pretty well after coming here . Would recommend to start after birth for every new parent..
Rithick Varshan’s Mom Yoga Priyanka
Rithick Varshan’s Mom Yoga Priyanka
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Little Indigo has added more colours to our Mother-Son relationship. Happy and proud that I have enrolled my son in this academy. They guide the parents on how to focus on child’s early learning and development. Thank you for making the parents to find out the hidden talents of our kids. We love you Little Indigo
Dasarathan Selvaraj
Dasarathan Selvaraj
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Little Indigo's education service in its own kind. Kids get difference perspective here. Education approach is not like a school or a private class, rather an collective contribution from kids, parent and instructor, makes the process unique. Rare to find similar service in the city...

Your child's journey at our early Enrichment center is joyful learning beyond schooling

Can not ignore child's early years

The early years shape a child's future trajectory in various aspects. Key benefits of effective early year experiences...


Stops Struggle for Learning and get Limited to their Future Opportunities

Creative expressions

Stops being Deficient in Creativity and imagination. Nurtures Originality and Expressiveness.


Stops from Avoidance. They will have no problem in Socialization and forming healthy relationships


Stop forgetfulness and distractions. Empowered with memory and concentration abilities

emotional state

Stops being Anxious or Feeling low. Enables a child to Face the new environment and challenges with calm; confident


Prevents from Emergence of chronic health issues. Encourages Healthy diet, healthcare, and physical activity in their early years

Earlier is the Wiser

FIRST 2000 DAYS of child’s development affect a lifetime

Brain growth can be positively influenced by stimulation at any point in life but the most effective times when it is growing at a rapid speed that is during the First 6 years (2000 days)

From Early Brain Development Perspective

In the first few years of life, more than 1 million new neural connections are formed every second. Sensory pathways like those for basic vision and hearing are the first to develop, followed by early language skills and higher cognitive functions. Connections proliferate and prune in a prescribed order, with later, more complex brain circuits built upon earlier, simpler circuits

In the proliferation and pruning process, simpler neural connections form first, followed by more complex circuits. The timing is genetic, but early experiences determine whether the circuits are strong or weak. Source: C.A. Nelson (2000). Credit: Center on the Developing Child

From Investment Perspective

Nobel Laureate Dr. James Heckman’s  The Heckman Curve shows that the highest rate of economic returns comes from the earliest investments in children, providing an eye-opening understanding that society invests too much money in later development when it is often too late to provide great value. It shows the economic benefits of investing early and building skill upon skill to provide greater success to more children and greater productivity and reduce social spending.

According to his proven studies, A critical time to shape productivity is from birth to age five, when the brain develops rapidly to build the foundation of cognitive and character skills necessary for success in school, health, career and life. Early childhood education fosters cognitive skills along with attentiveness, motivation, self-control and sociability—the character skills that turn knowledge into know-how and people into productive citizen


Your Child, Our answers

Explore few common questions often raised from young parents and get more clarity about our services and programs

We are neither a school nor a daycare center.

We pride ourselves on offering a truly unique and unparalleled approach to child development. Our solutions are designed to address every aspect of your child’s growth, including cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development.

Our services includes, different early learning programs, parenting consultation and counselling services.

Through our services we provide young children with the skills and information they need to become effective, creative, vibrant, responsible and compassionate being.

All our programs offered at our centers are designed for children between 0-6 years old. While our online program designed for 4-9 years old children.

Our program is designed with a deep understanding of early child development principles, prioritizing interactive and exploratory learning experiences.

We recognize the importance of fostering a positive and supportive environment where children can learn at their own pace, guided by their natural curiosity.

Our approach focuses on providing enriching opportunities for children to engage in hands-on activities and meaningful interactions, promoting holistic development without imposing undue academic or performance pressures

Our different programs address different needs of early childhood development. 

All our programs are designed to be age appropriate,  incredibly captivating and interactive, ensuring that your child is fully engaged and immersed in the experience.

You’ll be amazed as you watch your child eagerly participate in every activity we present, and before you know it, the hour will fly by in a blur of excitement and wonder.

At Little Indigo, we understand the importance of finding the right fit for your child’s early development journey. While we don’t offer demo sessions, it’s essential to note that our programs are designed to adapt dynamically to each child’s unique developmental needs and progress. We believe that a single session may not fully reflect the experience or benefits of our programs.

We recognize that some children may need time to adjust to new surroundings or activities, and it’s not uncommon for them to display behaviors like crying or restlessness initially.

Instead of a demo session, we invite parents to schedule a consultation or visit our center to learn more about our approach, curriculum, and facilities. During this time, we can discuss your child’s individual needs and goals and provide insights into how our programs can support their development

Our program is designed to complement and enhance your child’s learning experience, regardless of whether they attend a school or not.

Our approach prioritizes personalized 1-on-1 interaction and development-oriented activities tailored to your child’s unique needs.

Our programs are designed to seamlessly integrate with your child’s existing learning environment and routines, providing additional enrichment without causing confusion or disruption. In fact, participating in our programs can help your child better perform in any learning environment by fostering essential skills and abilities.

Play Schools - vs. - Little Indigo

Play Schools
Often focuses on basic activities and playtime

Little Indigo
Offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to foster holistic development, including cognitive, physical, social, and emotional skills
Play Schools
Often Provides general activities for all children without individualized attention

Little Indigo
Tailors activities and learning experiences to each child's unique needs and developmental stage
Play Schools
Limited communication and involvement opportunities for parents

Little Indigo
Encourages active involvement and communication between parents, trainers, and the child, fostering a collaborative approach to early childhood development
Play Schools
May have staff with qualifications or training in early childhood education

Little Indigo
Trained and experienced trainers who understand child development principles and best practices
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How to Enroll for Little Indigo Programs?




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